How TSA Combination Locks Work

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) attempts to screen every piece of air traveler’s luggage before it gets loaded onto a plane. While X-rays and other electronic imaging technologies are able to scan the majority of the cargo load, often times extra scrutiny is required. In these cases a physical inspection of a bag must be performed. The locks featured on have all been specially designed in conjunction with TSA engineers so that they can be opened by TSA officers with the use of a small group of so called “universal” keys. Security Officers are trained to recognize specific models of TSA Approved locks and use the corresponding key to unlock it. Passengers who lock their bags with a non-approved lock will have it cut and destroyed without any reparations.

You can find TSA Approved locks in stores at most major airports however they charge a premium because they know air travelers have other options by the time the arrive. Don’t let this happen to you. Order an approved combination lock right here on to get the best price.

The TSA Approved Locks Specialists